FOLLOWING your articles in The Press of Monday and Tuesday and the documentary on Channel Four on Monday night, I would appreciate if you would promulgate the following link to my e-petition.

Obviously any decision to sign the petition will be influenced by readers’ sentiments on the subject, but I believe that this is a worthy cause and would benefit from some debate at a Parliamentary level.

My e-petition is asks Richard III to be re-interred at York Minster and can be viewed at

Mark Cousins, Bellhouse Way, York.


• I WOULD love the people of York to get behind the campaign to bring Richard III home to York.

This much-maligned King was one of our own, the last Plantagenet King and last King of the house of York, who did so much good in this area.

He founded the Court of Requests and the Council of the North, which looked after the poor people of our area and also his son is buried at Sheriff Hutton.

So why should he be buried in Leicester, where he has not real ties. If not in Westminster, then it should be York!

The awful monster of Shakespeare was not the real man as Shakespeare was writing for the then monarch, Elizabeth I, who was the granddaughter of Henry VII, the man who defeated him at Bosworth.

I appeal to City of York Council, which is always up to make a buck – bring him home. Think of the benefits to tourism.

Judith Morris, Moorland Road, York.


• WHY should Leicester keep the bones of King Richard III – they haven’t looked after him very well to date.

Firstly, he got a disrespectful funeral, without even a shroud, with apparently his hands still bound. Just thrown in. What marker he had was thrown down during the Reformation.

The locals didn’t give a damn. They boasted (though this was apparently a lie) that they’d thrown him into the river. Then a Victorian cut through the grave to lay the foundation for a privy, and lost the feet. Then finally a car park. They knew in Leicester he was there somewhere, but they didn’t give a damn. It took the Richard the Third Society to stir them up, over 500 years after his death. Now they think there’s some money in it.

Not to mention, will there still be a cathedral in Leicester in 50 years or will it have gone the way of Greyfriars and be a car park? Will there be any interest there in King Richard then? Bring him back to York. Second best is Westminster Abbey.

P Marsden, Bradford.