Is a good night out at your local establishment coming to an end? Due to Covid-19, the hospitality industry has suffered immensely. Restrictions have caused issues like low customer demand and has prevented businesses from opening for a long period of time. You could even argue that other industries have had it easier. For example, the UK government imposed a regulation stating that all hospitality businesses had to host outdoors. What would you do if you had no outdoor area nor the money or space to get one?


The Swan and Cygnet, a pub in East Yorkshire, has experienced many difficulties throughout Covid-19. Anne Hardy, Acting Manager of the pub, said “There’s no food on Mondays or Tuesdays because we can’t get chefs.” Staffing is a massive problem for everyone in the catering services and its harder to keep employees. On top of this, because the majority of the workers at the Swan and Cygnet are women, they are more likely to undergo judgement or inappropriate comments. Therefore, this could lead to them leaving their jobs.


During the pandemic trade stopped completely. However, it is increasing now, but to nowhere near the pre-pandemic level. Anne mentioned how she “has just seen the trade coming back slightly.” The cost-of-living crisis is now just another problem that is affecting the industry. People cannot necessarily afford to go out for a drink or to have something to eat out. Whilst this is a problem for the Swan and Cygnet, the upside is that more people may need to come back into work to pay their bills. Additionally, the Swan has a large outside area, so you may say that they had an advantage during Covid-19. Even with the difficulties, Anne has done an incredible job of keeping it open and making it an enjoyable place for the community.


Coronavirus has affected many businesses and industries. The regulations shut some down, decreased their profit or simply made owners face everyday problems. So, will organisations survive through this turmoil Covid has left behind?