Lobster pots stacked high at Scarborough; a glimpse of the River Foss through the stone balustrades of Foss Bridge; and a very unusual view of Museum Gardens. Just some of the scores of photographs posted by members of The Press Camera Club in the last few days which we feature on these pages today.

This month's camera club competition is on the theme of 'autumn'. Some of our photographs today - such as Gemma Greaves' empty bench at West Bank Park - were submitted as competition entries. Others were just taken just for the joy of it. There's a great range of photographs, showcasing the versatility of club members.

Unsurprisingly, several members posted photographs of the very odd red skies on Monday, caused apparently by the tail-end of Hurricane Ophelia picking up sand from the Sahara then dumping it high in the atmosphere above Britain. We particularly liked Matthew Fawcett's photo of the 'little admiral' on top of the clock at St Martin's, Coney Street, playing bravely on as the sun struggled to show its face through the orange haze.

The camera club has almost 550 members, now, who all post photos, share tips and compare notes regularly. Their work also features frequently in The Press itself - each day on our letters page, and in occasional spreads like this.

So if you're a keen amateur photographer, why not think about joining? Just go to Facebook, search for The Press Camera Club... and you're away...

Stephen Lewis