England has had a long sports history spanning football, rugby, formula 1 and so much more. So, trying to put down one significant event England has achieved too is exceedingly difficult. However, above all the achievements that England has achieved through sports, one event stands out from the rest of the achievements. 

The World Cup 1966. 

Now if you do not know about the World Cup in 1966, I am here to tell you why it is so significant.  

 58 years ago, England won their first and only World Cup. 

“It will always be one of our greatest achievements”- Gary Dolphin 

The game against West Germany is known in the history books as the most-watched event ever on British television. The game being so many years ago, is so significant to not just sports but British history.  

The nerve-wracking game left everyone on the edge of their seats with by the end of 90 minutes both teams were level on goals. Now, with it being one of the most important games England has ever played, it comes with controversy. Geoff Hurst an English Stricker, scored a very controversial goal, to which people still talk about it 58 years later.  

However, despite the controversy, in the 120th minute of the game, Hurst gave his hat-trick, and the rest is history.