Hospitals and schools are being ruthlessly annihilated by missiles with patients and children still inside. More Jewish people have been murdered in a single day than any other time since the Holocaust. Thousands of missiles flying between two countries filled with millions of civilians who remained trapped with no water, no food, no electricity and no way out whilst over one hundred thousand troops invade with tanks, planes and naval blockades. Iran is arming Palestine whilst the U.S and UK are deploying military assets and aircraft carriers to the region in support of Israel. The world is reaching its limit on boiling tensions and yet hundreds of foreign nationals are being held hostage in Palestine. Is this the start of a new global conflict? Are we going to sit back whilst millions of innocents scream out for help? What was the cause of Earth’s latest tragedy of the year? What is the local opinion on the matter? Let’s find out.



The beginning of the conflict can be traced back to 1947 when a UN vote decided for Britain to withdraw from the area and for Palestine to be separated into a land for the Arabian people and a new land to be established for the Jewish people following the Holocaust, this was Israel. The Palestinians and nearby countries were not overly pleased with half of Palestine being stolen. Since then there have been a number of wars, shrinking Palestine down to small pockets of land within Israel. On October 7th, mere weeks ago, thousands of people fighting for Hamas (the governing body of the Gaza strip) breached the Israeli border and massacred well over a thousand Jewish people. This sneak attack also resulted in roughly 200 people being kidnapped from Israel and taken into Gaza as hostages, including foreign nationals. The border breach came with multiple timed explosion across the state of the art border defence as well as sniper attacks on border guards, drones carrying explosives to cut off the borders communications and over 2,000 Iranian supplied missiles being launched into Israel to overcome their advanced defence system and cause a distraction for terrorists to enter and attack the country and its’ people. This was horrific. There is no doubt about that but there does seem to be a large amount of growing concern over Israel's’ responses and the innocent Palestinians that are pleading and crying for help as Israel has been sending missiles into Gaza as retaliation. So far over 3,000 civilians have been killed in Gaza by Israeli missiles with a further 12,000 wounded and now Israel begins a ground invasion into the area.

Local Opinion

With Israel being considered by many as the original aggressors, originally stealing Palestine’s land and breaking multiple armistice agreements with acts of aggression, there is much debate over whether the UK should be supporting their current assault on the Palestinian people. Israel government officials have gone as far as threatening nuclear annihilation on the area, already dropping more explosive power than the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima in World War Two, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. However, a country should have the right to retaliate, right? Or should it be Palestine who are retaliating anyway since it was their land that was stolen? I asked some Grimsby residents for their opinions to see where the local opinion lies.

“It’s very sad” said Madison Smith, “they’ve just been living and as a result Israel killed them”, “I side with Palestine” 


“I don’t even know” - Raisa Eva, clearly losing hope for the situation or perhaps even unaware of the terrors going on in the middle east.


“Personally, I’m quite concerned about the escalation of the conflict, I believe that outside states such as Russia, America and the Middle East are unnecessarily getting involved in this local conflict” - Josh Hanson.

The quotes clarify that tides are turning and the majority of support, in Grimsby at least, is shifting towards Palestine.