The history of Grimsby Town F.C. is very historic with it being created in 1878. This football town resides in the seaside town of Cleethorpes, Northeast Lincolnshire. This team means a lot to me (and to many other people) as not only is it my hometown team, but it was one of the first football games I ever got to see. This team has fans like no other, I have never seen such players and fans dedicated to one team. The atmosphere of Grimsby Town F.C. is one of loyalty and togetherness.  

I got to see the amazing promotion to League Two after winning the national league play-off final against Solihull Moors at the London stadium. The shocking 2-1 win was astronomical with John McAtee scoring an amazing goal sending the team into halftime and then the astounding 111th-minute winning goal by Jordan Maguire drew. The atmosphere at the London Stadium was just out of this world. I cannot even put into words how it felt being there and watching it happen.  

“It was breathtaking to watch and to see them get back into the league”- Gary dolphin 

This win led to a massive celebration. They did a parade that went all around Grimsby and ended at the town hall. I was there to see them arrive at the town hall. Seeing them dance, sing, and chant with the fans was beautiful. They interacted with a lot of the fans and made time to sign and take pictures with them. 

Every game you go home or away, you see the stadium full of loyal Grimsby town fans, you see this quite a lot with smaller clubs. You get a lot of loyal fans who have been supporting them for years, this is what I think makes this club more than a football team but more like a family.