A MAJOR York school is closing down until the end of term after more than 500 pupils had to self isolate today.

Fulford School will shut for all pupils except for those classed as vulnerable or children of key workers - and even the latter should only go to school if 'absolutely necessary,' said the head, Steve Lewis.

"If your child has been identified as a contact, they will still need to self- isolate and should not come to school even if they are classed as vulnerable or the child of a key worker," he said in a letter to parents.

He said that since the close of school on Friday, the school had had 28 positive Covid cases confirmed, 11 of them today.

"This has resulted in over 500 children needing to self-isolate," he said.

"I have spoken to the Assistant Director of Education and Skills and the CYC Director of Public Health.

"They agree that the closure of the school until the end of term is the most appropriate way to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our school population."

He said that as of tomorrow, all lessons will revert to online MSTeams, starting with tutor time.

He thanked parents for their continued support at this difficult time.

Earlier today, Mr Lewis wrote to parents to say more than 400 pupils were self isolating but he hoped to be able to keep all years in school.