RACHAEL Maskell's recent article (The Press, June 9) regarding our national dental health scandal makes your eyes water with its stark reminder why our Government needs a kick up the backside.

I have been waiting years for my dental practice to give me an appointment. While being fobbed off by them I had to resort to becoming an alchemist.

As I had suffered from severe tooth pain, I have to self medicate now.

I do recommend witch hazel and clove bud oil. There are ultrasonic devices too which help clean the mouth cavity more than just brushing. Now my pain has slowly diminished.

We are supposed to be a rich country, but by whose standards?

Greece, which almost became bankrupt due to joining the EU, remarkably has a dental practice second to none.

If it was not for lockdown my journey would have been to this 'cradle of civilisation'.

So Rachael, please do your stuff and kickstart this Government into enlightenment.

Insist that they begin to govern a country where everyone is not all filthy rich. Dental health should be for all and not just the privileged few.

Phil Shepherdson



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