I AM shocked at the cavalier attitude of the teachers, no doubt backed by their union, at the school my grandson attends in the York area.

It was bad enough during lockdown when we had week after week of no contact from the school, when e-mails could have been the way forward to keep the lessons coming so we could have helped maintain his levels of achievement.

But this week they surpassed themselves. A full week off for a half term holiday, but he could not return to school until Tuesday, because Monday was a teacher training day.

Teachers have about 12-14 weeks holiday per year but are unable to hold training days in that time.

Instead, they close the school when the pupils, who have suffered a lack of lessons due to the pandemic, should be there.

Please don’t give me the old acid drop about teachers working extra hours during the evening marking papers. Primary school teachers have it easy - who says so? My sister-in-law who is a deputy head teacher.

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