HAVING just been treated to the free York News, delivered by Lib Dem volunteers this week, I was shocked to see its back-page stories of "Labour in crisis again" and "Tory funding cuts unsafe", as if the Liberal Democrats-Greens are squeaky clean. 

Were these issues included as evidence as to what a good job our Lib Dem/Green coalition are doing for the residents of York? 

There was no apology for the money our council has wasted over the past few years with their initiatives and policies.

No mention of the £4 million overspend on the new sports stadium, the hundreds of thousands of pounds wasted and lost on the Tadcaster Road resurfacing works, nor the cost of the numerous delays and consultations on the city's developments, such as the teardrop and the Eye of York sites.

We read in The Press that 20 jobs are currently at risk as a result of a £8 million shortfall in the council budget! 

Maybe when the York News went to press they might have considered a feature to apologise to the staff who face redundancy, that this was unfortunately as a result of their incompetence and policies to waste money.  

The York News, nothing more than political propaganda - instantly recycled!

John Aked

The Meadows,

Skelton, York