IN the latest edition of our look back through the archives, here are five hockey teams from years gone by.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know in any of these great pictures?

First up, this bunch of hockey stars are pictured at Scarborough's North Marine Road, in 1950. Back from left: R M Garth, ? N Stanley, Robinson, ?, ?.

Front from left: K Harper, ?, ?, A Wright, Cole.

Can you fill in the blanks?

Next up...

York Press:

ACOMB HOCKEY CLUB 1ST X1 1991: Back: David Jefferies, Robin Gilbert, M Sadler, D Bolton, G Feetenby, A Bolland. Front: J Bardy, Sam Gould (captain), Malcolm Stokes, Brian Foster, Peter Richardson.

York Press:

YORK CS TROJANS HOCKEY CLUB FIRST X1 SQUAD 1993: Back: M Parrot, K Hogg, R Ramli (captain), T Crossley, B Warn, K Ramli, M Martindale, D Lancaster (coach), B Maltby (manager). Front: D Hooten, I Butler, Brian Foster, P Richardson, J Bemrose, L Griggs.

York Press:

YORK HOCKEY CLUB 1ST TEAM 1991: Back: Simon Barton, Matt Hanson, Neil Collinson, Mark Burn, Dick Cambridge, Nick Green, Mike Hodgson. Front: Phil Hamilton, Simon Tibble, Andy Bunce, Nick Carter, David Rowlands, Simon Greaves.

York Press:

YORK TROJANS HOCKEY CLUB 1996: Back: Gawaine Hogg, Karim Ramli, Kyle Hogg, Martin Parrott, Ross Ramli, Phil Clark, Nigel Herd. Front: Chris Nichols, Ian Butler, Mark Little, Jimmy Flint, Mark Thirlway, Mike Thorncroft.

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