IN the latest edition of our look back through the archives, here are five junior football teams from the 90s.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know in any of these great photos?

In 1993, York City Boys’ under-15s registered a convincing 5-1 win over Scarborough in their clash at Huntington School. Darren Sadler of Archbishop Holgate’s led the way with a hat-trick with the other goals shared by Danny Gore of Lowfield and Adam Thomlinson of Tadcaster.

Pictured from left to right (back row) Mark Smith, Matthew Conway, Ross Bardy, Danny Gore, Ben Pears, Darren Sadler; (front row) Mark Smith, Matthew Cowl, Johnny Long, Adam Tomlinson, Neil Guy, Sam Griggs.

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York Press:

YORK CITY BOYS U11 1990: Back: Jamie Carter, David Cruddas, Greg Lambert, Adam Thorpe, Steve Chandler, Andrew Dawson, Tom McKay, Danny Collinge. Front: Andrew Thompson, Chris Burgess, Tom Staniforth, Mark Alford (captain), Michael Edmondson, Ian Burgess, Scott Barley.

York Press:

YORK CITY BOYS U14 1993: Back: David Fieldhouse, Liam Holmes, Scott Barley, Mark Halpin, Mike Edmundson, David Cruddas, Jamie Carter, Ashley Burnett. Front: Patrick Gaughan, Chris Burgess, James Siddell, Danny Collinge, Mark Alford, Ian Burgess.

York Press:

YORK CITY U15 1994: Back: Mark Melville, Craig Molloy, Liam Barnes, Daniel Gough, Miles Massey, Patrick Render, Jono Greening, Crawford Gamble, Graham Rennison. Front: Paul Burkinshaw, Stephen Lamb, Stuart Lee, Scott Boyes, Darren Pledger, Neil Corking.

York Press:

YORK CITY U16 1991: Back: David Walker, Paul Lowery, David Hyde, Nick Mennell, Paul Barker, Lee Tomlinson, Sean Pallant, Jamie Davison. Front: Barrie Tait, Graham Murtie, Scott Walton, Mike Gosling, Brett Marwick, Scott Jordan, Nick Jefferson, Garry Naylor.

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