I SUSPECT that even an ardent cheerleader for Brexit such as Geoff Robb cannot find anything positive to say about it.

That's a shame as we could do with knowing why we are putting ourselves through this. The Bank of England stated this week that the economic cost of a no deal Brexit would be bigger in the long term than the damage caused by Covid-19.

Even Jacob Rhys-Mogg, another passionate Brexit supporter, when questioned long before Covid about the cost of Brexit, said that it would probably be at least 50 years before we might see some benefits. Nigel Farage said on LBC radio 'I never said it would be a beneficial thing to leave and everyone would be better off'.

That's a pretty hefty price to pay for giving up the goose that has laid golden eggs such as peace for over 70 years, the single market, customs union, protecting the environment, workers rights, Erasmus, collaboration in science and crime prevention, freedom of movement and more.

Do you agree with Farage, Mr Robb? Or is there hope?

M. Kendall,

Wheldrake, York