IN the latest edition of our look back through the archives, here are five sports pictures from years gone by, sent in by our readers.

Above, York Railway Institute (now York RI ) pictured during the Yorkshire Challenge Cup Final replay Cross Green, Otley, Saturday April 14th, 1962.

Back: John Bond, Geoff Smith, Duncan Bull, Brian Hodgson, Phil Fowler, Mike Hutchinson, Gerry Rawlings, David Sollitt.

Front: Mike Wong, Tommy Mannion, Alan Wilson, John Maw, Jim Murphy, John Lofthouse, Dick Varey.

The final, became the longest final on record, with the first and second games ending with a draw. The 3rd ended in a 12-6 win for Thorne. Bill Riley a York RLFC scout spotted the potential of the lightning fast winger Geoff Smith and signed him immediately for York's Rugby League team.

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York Press:

RAWCLIFFE CARAVAN CLUB 1987: Back: B Griffin, M Thornton, J Nicholson, P Wishart, J Mcguigan, K Henry, C Dillon, B Griffin. Front: S Whales, I Phillips, A Hynes, N Griffin, N Harrison (capt), P Swann, S Paylor.

York Press:

ROWNTREE FIRST XI 1972: Back: B Robinson, G Lane, R Powell, K Sturdy, I Burdon, H Britain, C Pearson. Front: E Stubbs, N Goodway, J Butcher, S Daker, A Brooks. Committee: F Sherwood and D Bunce; right, G MacMurray and D Graham.

York Press:

ROWNTREE SECOND XI 1972: Back: R Metcalfe, G Munday, K Storey, M Rennison, B Ferry, M Commons, D O’Donoghue. Front: C Sherwood, N Brickett, P Bellman, D Brooks, M Fearn.

York Press:

ST JOHN'S COLLEGE YORK FC 1974-75: British Colleges Cup Winners, left to right back, M Pringle, J Wales, M Lyle, P Hulse A Boxall, J Ainscough, M. Hodgson front K Fletcher, D York, C Elliott, K Miles, D Brockhurst.

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