IN the latest edition of our look back through the archives, here are five sports pictures from years gone by, sent in by our readers.

Pictured above, the York Railway Institute cricket team that had just won the British Rail Eastern Region Whitelaw Shield by beating Shildon Locomotive works at Darlington in 1973.

Back row, Derek Bell, David Hay, Dick Whaley, Steve Hayes, Peter Wright, John Stabler, Paul Foster, Phil Horsman, Mick Grewer.

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York Press:

STAMFORD BRIDGE FC RESERVES 1957-58: Back: No name, no name, Des Burgess, goalkeeper no name, David Wilson, Geoff Bellamy, no name, Arthur Walton Manager. Front: Bert Jennings, no name, no name, Ken Thorpe. (submitted picture)

York Press:

TADCASTER CC 1979: Tadcaster CC at Hovingham 1979. Pictured, D Marsh, E Wallis, T Downey, I McKenzie, G Huffer, K Swan, B Wallis (Scorer)

D Cornthwaite, H Conroy, D McKay, K Mohan, L West. (submitted picture)

York Press:

TADCASTER CC 1981: Tadcaster CC at York CC for Myers and the Burnell Cup 1981. Pictured, D Marsh, B Shann, I McKenzie, D Cornthwaite, A Stead, T Downey, B Wallis (Scorer) B Emmott, H Conroy, R Dowdall, D Gilpin, D McKay. (submitted picture)

York Press:

YORK RAILWAY INSTITUTE 1973: Back: Paul Foster, David Hay, Howard Lewis, Ken Marshall, Bob Mays, Steve Hayes.

Front: John Bamforth, Mick Grewer, Mick Tinnion, Bob Stather, Ken Spivey. (submitted picture)

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