THE tragic death of African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25 and the protests against the incident are understandable and, fired by emotion and the seeking justice for George Floyd's family, are fully justified.

But the attacks against the police and property are not acceptable. This is nothing more than mob rule brought on by fear of the coronavirus, mass unemployment and people seeking revenge on society and for something to do.

They are not dissimilar to what happened during the troubles in Northern Ireland. During the Troubles my father had people working under him who had come to escape the bigotry.

On returning to work after a holiday in Northern Ireland my father asked what they'd got up to.

He was shocked to hear they'd gone out on a night to "stone the troops". Some entertainment.

He was shocked.

Like sheep they joined in with the crowd and I fear the same thing is happening in the US.

Protest by all means but violence is not the answer and brings shame to the protest.

DM Deamer, Penleys Grove Street, Monkgate,York