THANKS for your editorial and the picture showing the council’s station-front plans (“Not enough bus stops in scheme”, The Press, June 26).

Two things alarm me about this picture:

1. It envisages five traffic lanes between the station and the city walls - surely a bad use of space? Some of this is due to bus stops.

2. While taxis and cars drop off close to the station and have covered walkways, bus stops are up to 200 yards away and have no protection against the elements at all.

A solution might be to bring all bus stops to where the long stay car park now is.

The York Bus Forum is investigating these possibilities and will soon be issuing a discussion paper.

John Bibby,

Publicity officer,

York Bus Forum,

Straylands Grove, York

Rail passengers can benefit from changes

I WRITE with a proposal for the York railway station taxi rank to be retained inside the portico, only to be dualled for taxis to be side by side, and the exit to be put back where it used to be to the main road, to the right of Tea Room Square.

Also, the feeder rank could start at the Queen Street York RI club and could also be dualled, like the Paddington railway station in London.

The plans for the railway station could be altered for rail passengers to benefit.

Brian Calam,

Horse-drawn taxi proprietor,



Where are shelters for bus passengers?

AT long last we have a proper artist’s drawing of what the new look bus and taxi area looks like (“Not enough bus stops in scheme”, The Press, June 26).

But where are the shelters for all the people that use these modes of transport? A few bus shelters and some trees, a nice thought for all the pigeons to roost and leave their droppings on the seats, but not good to queue in the open for a taxi etc.

Tea Room Square is to be pedestrianised apart from a cycle route. Good idea but what about all the car drivers who pick up from inside the station? A big area to fill.

The council reckon it will stay the same for cars but how do you get in?

Dave Matthewman,

Green Lane,

Acomb, York

Which buses will use the Nestle link road?

WITH regard to the proposed link road on the Nestle site, I gather it is to be for buses, bikes and pedestrians.

Well, I use the number six regularly and I have done now for two years. I have seen another bus number on only two occasions and both stopped at the hospital.

So, which buses are to use this facility?

Cars? About 90 per cent of them have a driver only!

Will traffic lights or a roundabout be needed?

Mrs J Whitehouse,

Rishworth Grove,