THE news article in Tuesday’s Press (Woman is bitten on face by dog, May 22) reminded me of an incident four or five years ago with a similar sized dog. When I was out exercising my dog and using a throwing stick a young husky took a fancy to the stick. I lifted my arms straight up and the dog reared up and bit me on the arm. Its teeth went through my winter coat, jumper, shirt and teeshirt and left teeth marks visible on my skin. This was only a young dog and in no way vicious but it could have caused me harm if it hadn’t been winter and I so warmly dressed.

When will people realise big working dogs are potentially very dangerous if not kept under the strictest control, particularly with small children and other dogs? They should be always kept on a lead and muzzled.

D M Deamer,

Penleys Grove Street,


Time for an answer to geese problem

With reference to recent letters regarding geese poo in York, may I, through your newspaper, make a plea for the council to remove geese from Rowntree Park so that the acres of lawns may be enjoyed by children.

I walk through the park almost daily but since I moved to York many years ago I have almost never seen children enjoy the vast open space because of the appalling geese poo. I understand the park was given to the citizens of York by the Rowntree family for residents to enjoy.

It amazes me that the council is happy to pay ground staff to clean the paths of dirt early each morning since this is soon replaced by the geese. I am surprised that the ‘Friends of Rowntree Park’ have not made moves to address the situation.

The removal of the huge pond would surely help. It is time for a solution to be found.

J Atkins,

Bishopthorpe Road, York