Do you know the speed limit down Main Street, Swanland? Many residents of Swanland are concerned about excessive speeding down Main Street. They are trying to bring awareness to the Councils about the dangers, however, it is being dismissed and ignored. This is until a significant incident occurs.

The street is very close to bus stops and Swanland School, so the safety of children going to and from school is a massive issue. The idea of having a twenty-mph speed limit and speed bumps has been suggested. Although, there are things in the way of these things happening. For example, Richard Meredith (Councillor of Haltemprice and Howden) says that “the Council don’t install speed bumps anymore due to the significant quantity of objections,” and, “thirty-mph is the lowest enforceable speed limit, with twenty-mph a guideline.” Therefore, most of these proposals have been instantly rejected.

The Council have taken the approach of gathering information on any collisions or injuries that have happened on the road. Councillor Meredith mentioned that “the safety of a road is measured by these factors rather than perception.” He does not think that this is ideal, but the Local Authority believe there must be a proven need before they direct funds. Generally, the residents feel as if action should be taken before someone gets hurt.

Overall, something needs to be changed in legislation to pre-empt a serious incident happening on Main Street, Swanland. In addition, the East-Riding Committee may need to be more proactive rather than reactive.