ANOTHER venue that has changed hands since our last visit. And another offering only Italian food.

The menu displayed in the window indicated that the prices were outside our budget. However, an additional notice showed that an express lunch of pasta, pizza or Panini cost £5.95.

There are only eight tables downstairs (a full-sized mirror on the back wall makes the venue look much larger) but more seating is advertised upstairs.

On investigation, none of the tables were set and the room looked somewhat inhospitable.

We decided to have the express lunch. The pasta choice was Italian meats or vegetables in a cream sauce. The latter was Ann’s selection. It was tasty, but not as hot as it might have been. The pasta was in a dish with a garnish of fresh tomato, lettuce, carrot and red onion on a side plate.

I inspected the pepperoni pizza, which was already cooked, to make sure that it was not smothered in tomato purée. It was not and just to my liking, crisp, hot and tasty except for the cold plate. My garnish was presented in a small bowl.

We shared a bowl of freshly cooked, thin chips (£1.95) which were excellent, remaining hot to the last. Black pepper was provided but, unlike other customers, no attempt was made to offer us Parmesan cheese.

The venue was full throughout our visit with customers ranging from students to pensioners. Staff were attentive and service slick. Toilets are upstairs.