THIS venue has been open for less than two months. The café and shop are about two miles from the Malton bypass on the Pickering road.

The building has been attractively laid out, partly reminiscent of old-style stable partitions. Tables and chairs are all made of wood.

Everything in the refrigerated cabinets looked appetising and the range of vegetables, fresh.

As for the hundreds, nay thousands of pumpkins, will they really all sell? Apparently there was only a handful unsold last year.

There is a specials board – chicken fricasse (£5.95) or homemade steak burger (£5.75) and a servery where laminated menus are located. It was not obvious whether orders had to be placed at the servery or, as it turned out, at the table. Breakfast (£5.75) or a filled bap (£3.50) is served until 11.30am. Thereafter it is lunch up to 2pm, then afternoon tea (£4.50) of sandwiches and pastries.

Individual items such as a scone with clotted cream (£2.20), toasted teacakes and homemade cakes are also available.

When I commented that soup didn’t seem to be served, Ann pointed out we were reading the summer menu.

Ann ordered a jacket potato with chicken mayo (£3.95). This came with an adequate garnish of two varieties of leaves, peppers of three colours, tomato and cucumber which was well presented.

From the choice of duck with pepper, smooth chicken or wild boar paté (£4.95), I chose the latter. This came with garnish, toast, butter, a dip and onion marmalade. It would be churlish to criticise other than to say it would have been sheer greed to expect a larger helping of such a delicious paté!

We shared a pot of tea and a substantial slice of cake (£1.50) which was clearly homemade.

Whether it was the eye-catching display of pumpkins, the rare breed animals visible from the road or just curiosity, there was a steady flow of customers, many of whom appeared to receive their order before us. However, we were not in a hurry and savoured the thought of the food that was to come.

Miraculously, I managed to get Ann back in the car without loading us up with too many vegetables and items of meat.

Speed the service up for everyone and this place could have a winning formula.