DOES it pay to advertise? If it didn’t this revue would not have been written.

The restaurant is associated with Swallow Hall Golf Club on the road from Crockey Hill to Wheldrake. The restaurant is open to anyone from 9am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday. A carvery lunch is served on Sundays.

We were warmly greeted on arrival and invited to sit wherever we chose. Apart from the few low tables with settees, everywhere else was already set for lunch or dinner.

We could have occupied a picnic table on the patio, but selected a window seat hoping to see some golfing prowess.

We had visited specifically for the advertised cream teas. But what might we have missed?

The menu heading 1st Hole was understandably Breakfast Scramble. Then came 2nd Hole – Snacks on the Green which covers baguettes, sandwiches, burgers and salads.

Hot off the Tee is the 3rd Hole, providing pie, ploughmans and lasagne at prices from £5.95 to £6.75.

Children are catered for at the 4th Hole. Drinks are reasonably priced at £1 per cup for coffee and tea (£1.50 a pot).

We had intended only to have a cream tea, but when we were offered sandwiches as well, we weakened.

It was some 15 minutes before our pot of tea arrived, during which time I was occupied in dispatching flies that used my arms for landing practice.

Ann was provided with prawn sandwiches (not the usual small variety but large ones that fell out of the sandwich). For me it was brie and cranberry, with a little salad and a few crisps in bread, which was beautifully soft.

The cream tea element was a still warm and light scone with strawberry jam and cream which, although whipped, could have been stiffer or even clotted. A group of half a dozen ladies chattered merrily throughout our visit and two other couples had found their way to this secluded spot. A place that perhaps you should only visit if you are not in a hurry as it took an age for our food to appear although when it did it was excellent.

On this warm but windy August afternoon it brought us up with a jolt to read on the menu that Christmas party bookings were being taken.