WONDERING what it was like to be a tourist, after a guided tour of York Minster, a friend and I headed for the nearest café.

Something at Windy Corner caught our eye. It seemed much brighter and with a new name. Another venue that has changed hands, apparently some three months ago.

The café is fresh looking with the painters still busy upstairs.

Although there were tables and chairs outside, there seemed to be a shortage of chairs inside.

An assistant had to bring us one before we could occupy a vacant table.

We were quite peckish and we should have liked a sandwich but no such luck. In fact there was less on the menu than we had expected.

Soup with bread was priced at £3.70 and everything else could be described as a light bite.

My friend settled for crumpets (£1.80) which were well buttered and rated as very good.

Not so the cappuccino which was said to be “vaguely thin and more like filter coffee with something on top”.

Avoiding a plain scone or toasted teacake (both £1.80) I opted for a scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam (£2.90) with a pot of tea (£1.60).

To round off, we debated whether to have piece of chocolate or carrot cake but decided to try the lemon drizzle (£3.40). This was still warm and reasonably flavoured.

Because of the temperature, there were few people outside, mainly those with prams. To get inside there are two steps. We discussed how an establishment of this size would survive without something more substantial to offer. Our bill came to £11.60 sitting at the table for three quarters of an hour.

Nothing on the menu appeared to be gluten free. Toilets are upstairs.