FANCY a day out? You could do worse than visit Pateley Bridge and find your way to Teacups. We are grateful to the walkers who alerted us to this gem.

Teacups is located in the old school and shares its entrance with the Auction Mart.

Alternate Saturdays is auction day, which you would be advised to avoid, and the café is closed on Mondays.

There is adequate wheelchair access. The cafe at first glance appears small, with the servery/kitchen to one side. However, there are two further large rooms all furnished with blue gingham table cloths.

The menu is hand-written on wall boards. I wonder what happened to the old slates?

Three customers (apparently the local vicar and two parishioners) extolled the quality of the toasted teacakes. At £1.50, we could have been tempted to try them or even a fruit scone with butter and jam for the same price.

The house rule is to order and pay at the servery and food will be delivered to the table.

Ann requested a hot chocolate (£1.50) with the full works. This came with a substantial cream topping and plenty of mini marshmallows. Her unsolicited comment was: “Fantastic, the I have had in ages.”

My tea came with an apology that they hadn’t any small teapots, but the large one had not been filled to the brim. Just as well and for 50p, I thought they were undercharging me. Coffee was similarly priced.

For £5.50, items included roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, new potatoes or homemade chips, lasagne or scampi. A quiche salad with new potatoes cost £4, jacket potatoes £3.50 and wild mushroom soup with toast would set you back £2.

Lighter bites included beans or eggs on toast at £2.50.

From the white bap selection (£2.50) Ann chose egg and cress with a small salad garnish. The filling was extremely generous, moist and well received.

My choice came from the breakfast selection of bacon, sausage, egg or tomato. Initially I thought I had been given six sausages but discovered there were three sliced lengthways. This was more than enough.

To conclude, I enjoyed the lightest piece of Bakewell tart I can remember, and for only £1!

We noted there were homemade cakes to take away and quiche, steak or fruit pies would be made to order with the invitation to feel free to bring your own plates. How’s that for service?

This is a very friendly place and exceptional value. When you go, tell them where you read about their endeavours.