NOT everyone can make their dreams come true. But it would appear that two Scottish ladies determined to run a café/tearoom came to York and did just that. Hence the name.

Although small and relatively off the beaten track, this is a long-established café. Although the ownership has changed, the original ethos continues.

In addition to the tables inside, there are a number of picnic tables in the forecourt.

The first thing we spotted was a plaque declaring “give me a coffee and no one gets hurt”. Sorry but even for us it was too warm for a hot drink.

For a light snack, there were five varieties of scones with strawberry jam or toasted tea cakes (£1.20), roasties (sautéed potatoes with rosemary) and cake of the day both priced £1.90. Tea at £1.30, and coffee, ranging from £1.40 to £1.90, were on the drinks menu.

Spinach soup and a roll (£3.40) and the all-day breakfast (£4.90) were non starters but the salad bowls at £5.20/5.60 were a possibility.

However Ann was clearly hungry and requested a jacket potato with cheese (£3.50) and for a further 50p added a helping of baked beans. The potato was well cooked and fell apart aided by butter and the filling.

I selected a smoked salmon sandwich (£4.20) in wholemeal bread. Although Ann does not approve of sandwiches that are served with the crusts on, this bread was so soft I doubt whether she would have objected.

The cake of the day was black forest gateau which with ice cream cost £1.90. It was tasty and, with two spoons, re-awakened memories of years gone by when this was almost the only sweet available on menus – served after prawn cocktail and chicken in a basket!

Even at 2pm, there were still customers appearing for more than just a coffee or ice cream . The assistant was diligent in clearing tables and maintained a very neat and tidy working area which was in full view of customers.