WE ARE grateful to the readers who drew our attention to this snack spot which doubles as a Polish delicatessen.

There is easy access from the street and the colourful planters on the pavement made for an attractive entrance. Although almost full when we arrived, we found a seat. Tables are set close together so we doubt if a wheelchair could be accommodated.

The printed and specials menus are written in English. Soup of the day was cucumber and dill (£1.90). It was too warm for us to consider this or the hot dishes at £4.25 which included lasagne, meat balls and beef casserole.

From the list of sandwiches and cold dishes, choice was going to be hard. Spianata (spiced sausage, smoked cheese and salad at £3.45) was a possibility, but Ann decided that tuna and bean salad would suit her providing there was no red onion. This presented no problem, arriving with an ample helping of fish, red beans, tomato and cucumber. But where were the advertised butter beans and chick peas? On inquiry the somewhat dismissive comment “they must have gone walk about” was less than helpful. There did not appear to be a price reduction for the missing items.

I enjoyed a Hungarian salami and salad sandwich in a freshly baked roll followed by a delicious slice of moist poppy seed cake (£2.20). This was washed down with a pot of tea and cappuccino for Ann.

Throughout our snack the venue was visited by customers selecting items from the shelves that were packed with intriguing looking goods.

Tea (£1.20), coffee (£1.50/1.60) and hot chocolate (£1.80) with a wide selection of chilled items made up the drinks menu.

Our snack cost £11.75.