WE INTENDED to seek out a small café in one of Knaresborough’s many alleyways but found a high street venue instead.

Combining a take-away and seating for about two dozen customers, this café proved to be surprisingly busy for mid afternoon.

There was an impressive list of items shown on the wall board supplementing the standard menu.

In particular, we noted gluten-free scones (sultana or cheese with mixed herbs) and chocolate cake.

The daily special was chilli and chips (£4.95) but there was also croissant with bacon and tomato or cheese and ham (£1.75) on offer.

The list of sandwich fillings included peanut butter and marmite. For a snack, two crumpets with tea or coffee at £2.50 sounded good value.

As we had missed lunch, something reasonably substantial was called for. Ann requested the broccoli and Stilton quiche with salad and coleslaw (£5.50) or with chips (£6.50). The latter would do and it was well received. The salad was delicately prepared and the chips browned and just out of the pan.

I don’t remember ever having seen eggy bread on a menu (£3.50) and so found this irresistible. Two slices, well egged, plus a share of the chips were almost more than I could eat.

We should have liked to try the sponge cake, scones, fairy buns or flapjack but this would have been sheer gluttony after such a satisfying snack.

Tea cost £1.60 and coffee from £1.65 to £2.25.

Unusually the toilets were accessed through the food preparation area.