WE CONTINUE to enjoy the occasional shopping trip to Pocklington, with its easy parking and range of individual shops.

This venue is small, noisy (the background music and buzz every time the door opened was intrusive) and was busy when we visited. The staff were welcoming to those customers who wished to eat and the steady stream of people collecting their take away sandwiches and cakes.

There is a combination of low seats and the conventionally upright. Magazines are available and toys provided for children. One wall was decorated with British and European flags.

The menu is on a wall board but inspection of the display cabinet is essential before selecting a cake or tray bake.

There were some unusual flavours on the list of drinks; cinnamon latte, gingerbread latte and the chocolate/mint indulgence.

Ann settled for a cappuccino (£1.90) while I enjoyed tea (£1.70) made with fresh leaves in a filter-lined teapot which fitted snugly on to a wooden tray.

From the various fillings, Ann requested a jacket potato with tuna and cheese (£3.65) which was highly rated. I ordered a ham, pineapple and mozzarella cheese panini (£2.95) which was good with especially lean ham. Both these items had been made to order and were paid for at the servery when organising the drinks.

Ann took it on herself to choose something sweet. From the scones, teacakes, tea-loaf, tray bakes, vanilla and Victoria sponges she returned to our table with a ‘chunk’ of Rocky Road (£1.60).

As the one with the sweet tooth, I was very pleased. Ann had to agree that her choice had been a good one. Once home we looked up the recipe for Rocky Road and found no one definitive list of ingredients save to say that it is a rich combination of fruit, nuts, marsh mallows and chocolate.

The venue was busy and not a place where we felt we should linger, at least not at lunchtime.