WHETHER you intend to participate in the Residents’ Festival, half-term hullabaloo or, as a York resident have a free look round the Castle Museum, you should know that there is a refreshment opportunity.

We never cease to be amazed at the subtle, yet sometimes dramatic changes in the displays. Sadly, too many are becoming painful because domestic appliances and other items we remember as children now qualify as museum pieces.

The museum is in two halves, with the café run by Milburns located at the start of the second half. However, it is possible to use the refreshment facilities without embarking on a tour of the exhibits.

It is, however, upstairs and once inside there is a step between the servery and seating area to catch the unwary.

In a chill cabinet, pre-packed sandwiches and cold drinks are displayed. Each is clearly labelled and priced. The packaging is identified as 100 per cent biodegradable and compostable.

In view of the outside temperature, we were attracted to the day’s soup, leek and potato at £3.50. We then spotted a deal confirmed as any sandwich and soup for £4.95. We thought this was a real bargain as the sandwiches on their own were priced £2.25 to £3.50.

Ann found that her tuna mayo and cucumber sandwich was in bread that, for her, was far too dry. As a result all the crusts were left.

I fared marginally better with my choice of honey roast ham with tomato chutney on malted bread, but was grateful that I could eat it alongside the soup, which was very good. There were jacket potatoes at £4.95, cheese and leek quiche and a hot pork sandwich (£3.95) together with various cakes and tray bakes which started at £1.95. The café is well appointed with light walls and glimpses through the window of The Eye and adjoining car parks.

This was not the most inspiring snack we have had, but in fairness it was a cold day and there were very few visitors to the museum. Perhaps as the season develops and customers are more numerous there will be more than the four people who shared the spacious accommodation with us.