HAIRDRESSERS can be a useful source of information and it is from one that we heard about this venue.

It is at the furthest end of Goodramgate adjacent to Monkbar and was established about three months ago. Level access through the deli leads to a remarkably spacious seating area.

The weather was not really conductive to snacking out and we were possibly the only customers. We say this because during our visit one person (who may have been part of the establishment) conducted a letting service from a sofa via a mobile telephone and a laptop. A flex trailing over the floor to the equipment was a potential hazard.

We were hardly seated before someone came to take our order. We asked for more time because the zany printed menu was difficult to follow. Not only was it written in childish writing but it included a series of arrows which did not seem to make sense. We failed to work out what the difference would be between butties, paninis and urban twists, all having predictable fillings.

The dining area was carpeted, freshly decorated with modern tables and comfortable seats. There were some sofas and a magazine rack contained some minority interest publications such as Scottish Field and New Scientist.

Despite the menu inviting orders to be placed at the bar, ours was taken at the table. The soup of the day was tomato but this was not for us on this visit.

For once Ann chose the breakfast dish – the Full Monty, although she declined the bacon. This included eggs, locally sourced sausage (which was very tasty), mushrooms, tomato, black pudding (another favourite and good), door stop toast and tea for £6. The vegetarian alternative cost £5.

While the food was tasty Ann said it was not very hot. We had to forage for cutlery from a side table and request a side plate for the toast.

From what I thought was the butties section on the menu I requested back bacon, cream cheese and cracked black pepper (£3). This was hot, tasty and served with a modest garnish and a few crisps. I would, however, have called the buttie a panini!

Perhaps the fact that Ann did not have bacon reduced the price, but we failed to understand how our snack together with a pot of tea cost only £7.