DESPITE the economic situation, new cafés continue to spring up. Here is one with a somewhat unusual name. Perhaps one you will remember.

It is located in premises next door to a deli of the same name, with the seating behind a retail area.

There has been no attempt to match the furniture. Some chairs appear to challenge the shape of the average human! I’ll leave you to investigate.

We were greeted by two friendly staff who not only took orders, but prepared your choice in the small galley-style kitchen area.

The menu is by means of a wall board. Soup of the day (sounded like something you might need a knife and fork to tackle) with speciality bread cost £4.50.

Pork pies or pasties with garnish are priced £3.50. The same items appeared to be on sale in the deli together with a range of interesting delicacies.

What was the Yorkshire Bits plate (£6.95)? We didn’t ask, but no doubt some reader will enlighten us.

Ann could not resist the Morecambe Bay potted shrimps on toast (£5). The shrimps were plentiful on the two slices of toasted crusty bread. Being allergic to shellfish, for once I did not taste Ann’s choice.

I was offered venison and pheasant pie. This arrived garnished and served with a few crisps and a delicious redcurrant and port relish. The pheasant had an excellent flavour, although I couldn’t be sure if there was venison in the slice I was given.

There was a limited number of alternative dishes. Cream cheese with smoked salmon, toasted cinnamon and raisin bagel (£2.95), cream tea (£4) or homemade cakes are examples.

We shared the largest (and heaviest) teapot for £3 which gave us six cups. Fresh milk came in a jug. Coffee was priced from £1.50 per person.

There were some old advertisements on the wall which added to the character of this small café.

Our enjoyable snack cost £14.