WEDNESDAY is pensioners’ discount day. We fully expected the store to be very busy.

Hopefully customers had not gone to the Group’s other branch because it hasn’t got a café.

Readers have commented that some of the venues we survey are only accessible by car. True. This venue is served by either the number 10 bus or the Grimston Bar park and ride.

The small café combines conventional tables and chairs with a few ‘perches’.

The menu is limited. Some items are on display but others may be prepared to order.

There is the usual range of hot drinks; tea (£1.30), coffee (from £1.70) and hot chocolate (£2).

Early shoppers could indulge in a breakfast bap with a drink for £3 or £3.85 for a baguette.

Savouries included cheese and onion pasties.

Among the sandwiches on display were cheese with onion and ham with cheese.

Ann chose a tomato and cheese toastie. It was delivered to our table in due course by a friendly assistant who also provided the cutlery (I had omitted to collect them from the counter).

The verdict was good even though the cheese was stronger than Ann would normally choose.

I had a tomato and mozzarella panini. It was freshly made but heating had given the cheese an elastic effect which made eating rather inelegant.

From the muffins, scones and cakes, we shared a toasted teacake and a piece of flapjack. Both were highly rated, each costing 99p.

When there are offers and discounts it is sometimes difficult to establish exactly what each item cost.

There was, for instance, a 50p reduction on any drink taken with a sandwich.

We paid £7.58 which was excellent value, but don’t forget to take your B&Q card with you.