THIS was not the kind of weather for alfresco snacking, so we wondered who would be the hardy souls that would occupy the outside tables. Smokers perhaps.

Minimalist is perhaps a good description for this venue.

Initially we occupied a table that turned out to very unstable. On reflection, maybe the wobble was due to the uneven bare-board floor. It is more than four years since we last visited this snack spot. What surprised us was how little the prices had changed over this period.

The outside temperature suggested that we had more than a sandwich. Ann was very tempted to indulge in a sirloin steak, chips, roasted mushrooms and shallots, tomato salsa and side salad at £8.95 but thought better of it.

Alternatives could have been roasted peppers or baked goats cheese. Seeking to avoid yet more chicken she requested ‘Good Old Yorkshire’ sausages and mash served with an onion gravy (£6.95).

Sausage and mash is a traditional dish but the Dusk offering proved disappointing. The potatoes were without flavour (I had to agree) and although the sausages were tasty the gravy was thin. As for the onions, they were lying on the top of the food.

Because we are frequently asked to comment on vegetarian options I chose one. Roasted vegetable and pesto brushetta topped with mozzarella cheese (£4.95). The brushetta was fine but I struggled to identify the roasted vegetables. Certainly courgettes, onion and maybe fennel. There was a salad garnish with cucumber, celery and leaves.

The large bowl of chips (£2.50) were thin, dry and piping hot but even with salt (not something we usually apply) hadn’t much flavour.

There were some unusual options. The deli board invites customers to create their own perfect starter starting with fresh bread and balsamic vinegar before adding any of a variety of meats fish, cheese and vegetables. This could be ideal for a group to share.

Homemade beef and vegetarian burgers abound including a three bean and coriander one. What goes inside is entirely up to you; American, English, Chilean, Mexican or Spanish. Most were priced £7.95.

Maybe a snack in January when there are few customers about is not a fair test of what a venue can provide. Certainly when we last visited we remember the place being very busy and leaving us satisfied.