BISHOPTHORPE Road is not short of quirky cafes. Each one seems to be filled with individual ‘characters’ that are looking for coffee with a four-leaf clover imprinted on top, or avocado on toast, shipped in from the depths of Mexico’s plantation farms.

And to succeed in this metropolis of yummy-mumminess, you’ve got to stand out from the others.

Robinson’s Café, freshly reopened after its autumn refurbishment, is no stranger to authenticity. Its fish-themed decor is striking and welcoming the moment you walk in – but perhaps confusing when the only seafood on the menu was salmon.

Nevertheless, I had heard excellent reviews from my friends and as I headed down on Sunday morning to see the queues out the door, I knew I would be in for a memorable culinary experience.

For my second review for The Press, following her outstanding performance last time, I brought back my mother who has since developed somewhat of a critique craze – reviewing everything from other people’s houses as we drive by to the Strictly Come Dancing contestants.

Also joining us, and making his debut, was my dad. He has a knack for flavours, but not patience so making sure he took a photo of his food before eating it was quite the test.

Press readers may be thinking ‘here we go, another Press journalist using his expenses to take his family out for food’, and you would be right. But it was my birthday, so I’m not sorry.

As we arrived, we were momentarily disheartened, when taken to our table and told by the waitress that it would be a 30-minute wait for food.

I immediately thought that the café had been underprepared, for an inevitable busy day. But my pre-judgemental arrogance subsided thanks to the pleasant interaction from the waitress, who was ever-so-helpful and responsive.

Even more so because the food arrived in just over 15 minutes. But whether this was a cunning psychological plan from the café, to tell me it would take twice as long, only to surprise me and my family who were prepared for the long haul by bringing our meals in good time, I’m still not sure. Who knows, but I loved it.

For drinks, my father opted for English Earl Grey tea, I went for a coffee – a flat white – while my mother asked for a hot chocolate, without cream.

I accidentally got her order wrong, but she soon stopped moaning at me when she had her first sip. There was pure delight in her eyes at the taste and texture, and a moustache of white foam across her top lip. Meanwhile, the four-leaf clover was expertly placed on my coffee, and the sprinkle of brown sugar was just right.

For our meals, my dad chose the Chorizo and Parma Ham Hash, with sun-dried tomatoes and a poached egg (£8.50).

I had never heard of such a concoction, but was jealous when it arrived. The dish was brimming with flavours and of excellent portion size.

He also praised the ratio of meat – which was cooked exquisitely – to both the fruit and vegetables and that the taste from the perfectly poached egg was a welcomed surprise at the end.

My mother, meanwhile, decided on the creamy truffle mushrooms, with poached eggs, on top of toasted sourdough bread (£8.50). Mushrooms – the slimy slugs that masquerade themselves as a sophisticated food source – are disgusting, in my opinion. But even I was tempted to take a bite or two after seeing the presentation.

They were evenly placed on top of the bread and coated in a sumptuous sauce that my mum said was delicious. Again, the eggs were poached to perfection and worked wonders with the sourdough bread – a juxtaposition of light, fluffy texture with a hard crust. Her frown had turned upside down by the end of her meal.

I opted for the scrambled egg on sourdough toast, with smoked salmon (£8). The presentation for the dish was both creative and captivating. The egg, perfectly seasoned with pepper, had been placed inside the smoked salmon that had been wrapped around the egg like a superhero cape.

I seem to be given the pleasure of reviewing eateries that are uncut financial gems.

The bill for our meals and drinks came to just £33.50.

If you are looking for a relaxed morning with friends or family, in a bubbly atmosphere with delicious food, then I can’t recommend Robinson’s highly enough.

Please also check out the fish-themed design because it is surprisingly attractive.

The newly renovated Robinsons is a breath of fresh air on Bishopthorpe Road.