AT LAST! Here is a venue that caters for a range of allergies, both in the supermarket section and in the caf area. Equal prominence is given to organic and fair-trade food.

This venue has been open less than a month. It is still finding its way, but the friendly staff are eager to advise.

The few tables by the window are partially shielded from the passing traffic. Various baguettes and pizzas are on display at the deli counter.

They are available to take out or eat in.

As we were eating in, we concentrated on suitable fare. Ann chose celery and apple soup (advertised at £2.49 but shown as £2.29 on the bill). This was hot and had plenty of flavour.

My organic steak pie was hot and packed with succulent meat. I could have had something with it, but chose to test the pie without competing flavours. Excellent!

We saw one customer enjoying a jacket potato with roast vegetables in a tomato sauce.

It looked a very wholesome meal.

Ann had a pot of standard tea (£1.39) to go with a piece of curd slice (75p). This was as acceptable as the soup, although some of the pastry was rather hard.

I just had to sample a piece of gluten and dairy-free lemon cake (£1.59). It was intriguing how it held together, given the ingredients. This was a bit dry for my liking, but for anyone dependent on this type of food there were alternative cakes.

Our bill came to £8.52.

Before leaving the building we browsed the supermarket shelves. Many items came from suppliers unknown to us, and all seemed more expensive than better-known brands.

We were attracted to two loaves, rossisky (rye bread sourdough) and borodinsky (rye, molasses, malt and coriander). Maybe at our next visit we will venture to buy one or other.

Both supermarket and the caf are open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm.