A SECOND casino is due to open in Scarborough next week, creating 15 full and part time jobs.

Grosvenor Casinos, part of the Rank Group, will launch its first “e-Casino” in the town on September 16 after a £17,000 investment transforming the formerly empty George Hotel in Newborough.

That is just around the corner from the glamorous Opera House Casino in Thomas Street, a luxurious £7 million investment which opened nearly five years ago.

The over-18s-only Grosvenor venue will have 21 electronic roulette machines taking bets as low as 10p or as high as £200.

And with odds at 35 to one on a £200 bet the organisation claims that there is the chance to win Scarborough’s biggest payout.

There will be a further 20 casino slots with £4,000 jackpots as well as two rake Texas Hold ‘em tables open every night from 6pm with the opportunity to play poker on standard casino tables.

Other features include wide screen high definition Sky Sports events as well as WiFi on comfy seating.

A selection of light refreshments will be on offer, including freshly ground coffee, alcohol plus locally sourced freshly made sandwiches.

Opening hours will be from 10am to 4am from Friday to Saturday and 10am until midnight from Sunday to Thursday.

Adam Evans, the project co-ordinator, said: “We hope that the e-Casino will bring a fun alternative to the entertainment options already in Scarborough. The state of the art technology will make it a new and exciting experience for all levels of gamers.”