NEW software for bakeries devised by a York firm has been implemented for the first time.

Cheshire-based bakery Arthur Chatwin will be the first in Britain to implement the software interface created by RedBlack Software, of King Street, York, which enables bakers to keep a better control over their costs and margins.

Redblack Software was the 2006 Science & Technology Business Of The Year in The Press Business Awards. Its Cybake management software solution is already used by more than 60 bakers and food manufacturers across the UK and Ireland to enhance, automate and control their business processes.

The software combines with the Vantage weighing station to provide recipe weighing, traceability and stock management solutions.

Jane Tyler, managing director of RedBlack Software, said CyBake sends information across to the Vantage weighing station to say how much needs to be weighed out and Vantage sends CyBake information back about exactly how much has been used.

She said: “CyBake takes that precise information, tallies it up against the cost information within our system and this gives the baker the exact production cost for a mix or a batch.”