FIGHT the credit crunch with fire.

That is the call from “vitality coach” Lisa Clifford, who is launching business-only fire walking workshops in North Yorkshire.

The 39-year-old fire walking instructor says that more than 20 of the region’s business people have so far signed up to converge, hotfoot, on Hazlewood Castle Hotel, near Tadcaster, tomorrow. What is more, they have each paid £150 for the privilege.

There they will step, barefoot, on to red hot coals to help them achieve their goals in 2009.

Lisa, who lives in York, said: “There has never been a better time than now to walk across fire.

“Our limiting beliefs hold us back from achieving our goals and dreams. Walking across red hot coals literally removes those limiting beliefs and powerfully demonstrates how you can not only survive the credit crunch – but excel and have the life you want.

“My workshops include coaching and positive thinking and culminate in an incredibly energised, group fire walk which allows you to step into your excellence and create an attitude within you of ‘I can do anything’”.

Lisa was trained by worldrenowned firewalker Peggy Dylan in California.

In one week, she recalls, she walked across hot coals more than 70 times, used her neck to break arrows and undertook a Rebar bend (bending a steel bar between your neck and that of a partner) to “achieve the highest level of training internationally available.”

For more information on the corporate fire walking event, phone Lisa on 07795 634671 or beam into