A YORK audio technology firm is looking to raise £100,000 via a crowdfunding campaign as part of plans to rival industry giants Sonos and Sony.

Damson Global, based at Clifton Moor, has developed a range of portable, wireless speakers, and it now looking to expand in their home market as well as growing internationally.

In order to facilitate this growth, the company is running a debt crowdfunding campaign for the first time, where it is raising £100,000 to purchase speaker stock to meet customer demand.

The funds raised will also go towards further product development through the Damson Lab, an initiative to develop new lines.

The company was founded in 2012 by James Talbot, who created the Cisor speaker, which became one of the company’s flagship products through its uniqueness using the surfaces it is placed upon to amplify sound.

Damson Global swiftly built on on the success of the Cisor by developing a range of products to market, including additional speakers, headphones, and the most advanced wireless home cinema system available.

The latter, the Damson S Series Dolby Atmos Wireless home cinema system, is the result of a partnership with Dolby Laboratories and is the first wireless modular home cinema speaker system to support Dolby Atmos technology.

This is the most advanced wireless speaker system on the market for home entertainment and enables sound to be precisely placed and moved anywhere within a three-dimensional space in ultra high definition.

The vision of Damson Global is to craft new technology, with amazing audio quality.

In its short life-span, it has built up a loyal following who align with this ethos and appreciate the quality of the product range.

This is best demonstrated by raising more than $1 million via a number of rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns, including a Cisor campaign on Indiegogo, which raised more than $300,000.

Company revenues in 2017 reached £670,000, representing a 458 per cent (up from £119,000) increased from the prior year.

Last year the company won the Exporter of the Year title at The Press Business Awards.