A PICKERING manufacturer has won its largest ever customer order, only weeks after investing in new technology that made the deal possible.

Contract Production manufactures a range of sub-contract electronic products and printed circuit board assemblies for a range of industries.

The company, which has a team of 20 staff, has recently increased its output by 400 per cent after investing in the installation of a new “pick and place” line.

The new capacity on the manufacturing floor has now enabled the firm to secure a six-figured overseas contract, the largest order it has ever won.

Contract Production will export more than 1,000 sets of circuit boards for the customer, with the hope that fulfilling the contract to the stiff deadlines required will lead to even larger, follow on orders.

Simon Norris, managing director at Contract Production, said: “We knew the new pick and place technology would allow us to compete for larger orders, but this has exceeded even our most optimistic starts for this financial year.

“The new production line has helped us to add an extra 30-40 weeks of working capacity to the business annually and this latest contract will fill several of those from the outset.”

The new CP production line populates printed circuit boards and can place up to 30,000 components per hour – which was one of the key advantages that allowed the Pickering-based business to compete for the larger contracts.

As well as the larger orders Contract Production also produces one-off prototypes or low rate production runs for clients, often hand-placed, for new products yet to go to market. These can be anything that requires circuit boards, from GPS tracking devices to wind turbines, cameras to measuring instrumentation for deep sea oil drilling rigs.

Based in Pickering’s Thornton Road Industrial Estate, Contract Production operates from a 5,700 sq ft. manufacturing site, using the latest manufacturing principles coupled with providing traditional service levels.

Founded more than 25 years ago, the firm offers a range of sub contract electronic manufacturing services across a wide variety of industries. From one off prototypes to volumes in 100,000’s, this work can include full procurement, assembly, and testing services.

Its clients are based in a range of sectors across the UK including: environmental monitoring, manufacturing, engineering, instrumentation, energy and petro chemicals.