A NATIONAL campaign shining the spotlight one 100 business woman across the county features three North Yorkshire entrepreneurs.

The 100 FSB Women campaign is being spearheaded by the Federation of Small Businesses to help boost the number of female entrepreneurs.

It is being launched today, on International Women’s Day, when the FSB will present digital role models to help increase visibility of inspiring business women.

Among those featured will be Carolyn Frank, who runs Libby Butlers Jewellers in Helmsley, Sheree Foy of Source Harrogate and HR Specialist from Scarborough-based People Savi, Louise Hanks.

The trio have been giving advice to female entrepreneurs, with their quotes set to be shared on social media today using the hashtag #100FSBwomen.

Carolyn Frank of Libby Butlers Jewellers said: “Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask questions. There is someone out there who once didn’t know, but is now experienced.”

For her advice, Sheree Foy of Source Harrogate said: “Whatever the obstacles, disappointments, successes and achievements on your business journey, always remember your personal values.”

And finally Louise Hanks of People Savvi said: “Find a like-minded woman in business, who you can talk through your ups and downs with”.

The UK currently has 5.7 million small businesses and self-employed, but it is estimated that could be boosted by a further 1.2 million new enterprises led by women.

Helen Walbey, chairwoman of the FSB Women in Enterprise Taskforce, said: “Research shows that women are less likely than their male counterparts to know a person in business and, as a result, have fewer opportunities to benefit from exposure to others with business experience and are less likely to see people like themselves succeeding.

“I’m really excited about the 100 FSB Women campaign. We’re utilising digital platforms to raise the visibility of some really exceptional women.

“These women come from all sectors and each has a special story to tell and valuable advice to impart to other women.

“With this being the 100 year anniversary of when the first women got the right to vote, following the suffragettes’ campaigning, we felt it was fitting to feature 100 women FSB members and share their wealth of advice and inspiration with women all over the world.”

This untapped business potential of women can be tackled, in part, by increasing the visibility of role models for women entrepreneurs, according to an FSB report.