A HOTEL at York Business Park is planning to build a three-storey extension, adding 24 new bedrooms to the building.

The York North West Premier Inn, which is next to the A1237 ring road, could increase in size from 235 to 259 rooms and gain 17 extra parking spaces.

A planning application has been submitted for the extension, which would be connected to the existing hotel and built on a section of the car park.

Application documents say: “The existing hotel is one of the group’s best performing facilities in the region, as measured by occupancy and turn-away data.

“The applicant, Premier Inn is owned by parent company Whitbread who has identified a requirement for additional rooms in this location.

“Given the Beefeater restaurant is a popular local dining destination Whitbread seek to ensure that parking levels meet with their own standards to ensure that customers are not turned away due to lack of adequate parking.”

An application for a three-storey extension with an extra 21 bedrooms was approved in 2008 and the company is now looking to add to that section of the building.

Planning documents say the extension will be built in the same style as the existing structure to match the rest of the hotel.

Documents say the addition will be “modest”, adding: “There are a number of significant economic benefits that will arise from the proposal, including the creation of jobs for local people, increased expenditure in the local area and attracting additional visitors.

“The additional bedrooms are required to address an identified need for budget hotel accommodation.”