A SPECIALIST automotive dealership in North Yorkshire has crowned a successful first two years in business with the sale of its 200th Defender.

LR Motors, based in Thirsk, specialises in the sale of pre-owned Land Rover Defender, and boasts one of the largest on-site, pre-owned range in the UK.

From a standing start in 2015, LR has grown to deliver a turnover of more than £3.5 million during the last financial year and has seen interest in the Defender skyrocket since Jaguar Land Rover ceased production in January 2016.

The 200th Defender sale was achieved during the most successful month of sales in the company’s history.

LR Motors is the sister operation of Twisted Automotive which specialises in re-engineering the Defender.

LR motors general manager Ross Munro said: “After celebrating two years in business, we’re pleased to pass the milestone of selling 200 vehicles, which proves that there is still a huge interest in the Defender.”