North Yorkshire’s ice cream maestro David Otterburn has found the perfect way to celebrate 30 years in business - winning another national award.

Mr Otterburn, a former national champion ice cream maker struck gold again at The National Ice Cream Competition in Harrogate with his mint chocolate chip flavour.

The Helmsley-based businessman, who’s family runs Ryeburn ice creams, is is now working on developing a new flavour which will be launched on Yorkshire Day - August 1 - which is the day the business was founded 30 years ago.

Mr Otterburn said: “It’s made for a wonderful start to our 30th anniversary celebrations although I can’t believe the business has been running so long.

“When we first started it was just a way of using up our surplus mils and increasing the retail value of the milk. It’s worth much more as ice cream than as milk. Now we are providing jobs for 12 people and have a wide range of ice creams and sorbets.”

Ryeburn ice cream is made behind Mr Otterburn’s cafe at Church Farm.