A YORK law firm welcomed three Japanese academics who were visiting the UK to research the use of wills

Professors Masami Okino and Hiroto Dogauchi, who both specialise in civil law at the University of Tokyo, and professor Harumi Ishiwata, who specialises in civil law at Tohoku University, spent the morning with Lupton Fawcett solicitors Hugh Thompson and Elizabeth Webb, who advise private clients about Wills, estate planning and trusts.

During the visit the professors learnt about English wills, how to administer an estate under the laws of England and Wales and general probate and estate practice.

The delegation was organised through John Goodrich, a former partner of the firm, whose son Mark met one of the professors while working in Tokyo with international law firm White & Case.

Speaking about the visit, Elizabeth Webb, said: “We thoroughly enjoyed welcoming the three professors to Lupton Fawcett’s offices in York. We felt privileged to have been chosen to explain the way Wills and estates are administered in this country to further their research.”