A YORK-based food intolerance testing company has launched the most comprehensive testing device in its 35 year history as scientists crack the secret to scanning more than 200 ingredients for reactions at one time.

YorkTest Laboratories, which underwent a management buy-out last year, has created Food&DrinkScan Premium in a bid to help people find their food intolerances quicker.

The York Science Park-based firm, which has grown to become a UK market leader in food intolerance testing, has designed the programme to test for additional food and drink ingredients in response to current eating trends nationally.

Rachel Jansen, chief executive at YorkTest, said: “It’s the New Year and many people are trying to feel healthier and we wanted to help them reach their optimal health for 2018 by introducing our new Premium programmes.

“The public has access to a wide range of foods and drinks these days and in 2017 we launched our Modern Living Programme, which tests for reactions to popular health foods, such as quinoa, kale, sweet potato and chickpeas.

“This year we wanted to go one step further to help even more people find their personal food fingerprints by testing for 50 extra ingredients than our current Food&DrinkScan kits do with the new Premium programmes.

“At this time of year people are often focused on their health. However, several people could be eating foods that they believe are healthy not knowing that they could be compromising their quality of life.

“There are many people who are living with food intolerances and the symptoms associated with them without realising that the food they are eating is the root cause.”

It is estimated that 45 per cent of the population have a food intolerance and YorkTest’s Food&DrinkScan Premium was designed by its in-house team of scientists to help more people find their personal food fingerprint by testing for reactions to 50 extra food and drinks that are commonly found in diets nowadays.

The company’s current Food&DrinkScan programme tests for 158 ingredients, while the new Premium tests for 208.

The Food&DrinkScan Premium IgG test involves a finger prick blood test which people carry out at home. The blood sample is sent back to YorkTest’s laboratory and analysed for reactions.