A YORK audio firm has partnered with global sound specialist Dolby to create the first ever wireless surround sound system featuring Atmos capabilities.

Damson Global, based in Clifton Moor, has developed a world first on the speaker market after being invited by Dolby to create a sound system that would be compatible with its Atmos technology.

Dolby Atmos is one of the latest developments in sound innovation. More than 600 film titles now project Atmos audio along with sports broadcast on BT, television on Sky Q and Netflix, alongside the technology being used in more than 40 cinemas in the UK.

However this next generation of sound can only be heard on devices compatible with Atmos.

Now, for the first time, a wireless home surround system featuring Atmos capabilities is available, thanks to Damson’s new S-Series.

Damson founder James Talbot, said: “ We had announced we were working on creating a wireless surround sound system when Dolby got in touch to ask if we wanted to work together on creating a Dolby Atmos system.

“We spent 10 months developing it, which was a really quick turn around for our engineers.

“There were a lot of hurdles and challenges to make sure we could do it, but we have, and it’s ready to launch.”

Damson’s S-Series has been available on pre-order with an initial launch scheduled for later this month before going on wider release in April this year.

Mr Talbot said: “There are lots of big name companies out there that have a larger design profile and are threfore less flexible for this sort of project.

“We are very flexible as we are a start up, which is what I think appealed to Dolby, so we have been able to work on creating a compact and wireless surround system.

“People are put off by surround sound systems because they are often too big, and mean trailing wires around the living room. We overcame that, and are able to offer it at a price that is much more affordable to a mass market.

“It’s also the first model that is future proof. It can be updated as sound technology improves.”

Damson finished last year on a high as finalising the S-Series coincided with the business winning the Exporter of the Year title at The Press Business Awards.

The win followed the firm clinching the Technology Business of the Year award in 2015 with The Press.

As well as its S-Series, Damson designs and makes a range of speakers and headphones as well as virtual reality headsets.