YORKSHIRE & Humber will see its productivity improve to 2020, although investment in tech skills will be vital to maintaining this trajectory, a new report from EYis claiming.

EY’s annual UK Regional Economic Forecast shows that at 1.2%, Yorkshire & Humber’s GVA (gross value added) growth from 2014-17 is likely to be the second lowest in the country, after the North East, and below the UK average of 1.5%.

The figures place it near the bottom of the regional growth league table, reflecting a slowdown in growth outside of the larger cities as a result of lower migration and falling job numbers.

Suzanne Robinson, pictured,Yorkshire & Humber Senior Partner said: “I find the region’s growth figures to 2017 a little surprising as they don’t reflect the sentiment of many of the businesses EY engages with across Yorkshire and the Humber on a daily basis.

"However, it is pleasing to see that annual growth will be improving to 2020."