BRITISH drivers can soon look forward to hassle-free toll payment in Spain and Portugal, thanks to the expansion of an automatic toll payment system from a North Yorkshire firm.

Sanef Tolling, based in Harrogate, already provides 155,000 UK customers with a tag used on French motorways to pass through toll booths without stopping.

These are now being extended to UK travellers heading to Spain and Portugal, where most motorways are tolled.

Charles Hewson, pictured, director of new business at Sanef Tolling, said: “For the past six years, thousands of UK motorists driving in France have benefitted from our service that removes the hassle of stopping to pay tolls with cash, enabling them to drive straight through.

“We’re excited to now offer the same service to UK-based customers driving in Spain and Portugal, which hasn’t been possible up to now without a European address and bank account.”