MALT giant Muntons wants to build a new plant in the Yorkshire Wolds, to help it continue to cater for whisky and beer producers.

The company has a base at Flamborough Maltings near Bridlington and takes all the grain produced by the nearby Warter Estate, but it wants to create a new site at Tithe Top Farm, Huggate Road, North Dalton.

The new premises would be used to create malt infused with peat smoke, to give it a distinctive flavour. A statement with their planning application says the malt would be taken to Scottish whisky distilleries and also exported to the Asian and American markets.

It said some speciality beers used such malt, but said most of their brewing customers would want peat-free malt and said the processes must be done on separate sites, to prevent the peat smell tainting the brewing malt.

York Press:

The proposed site is on farmland and would create six jobs. The application said agriculture and food and drink had been identified as one of the key economic sectors in the East Riding of Yorkshire, with many farms diversifying in recent years.

The application is being considered by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.